3 Tips to get More Referrals

Get your customers to do the selling for you

Tip 1 – Don’t leave it to chance

Many Business Owners rely on passive word of mouth for referrals to happen.  The challenge with this approach is that it is typically a slow way of getting more customers.  If you want to build a Referral Based Business then you cannot afford to take this approach. 

 In his book The 1-page marketing plan, Alan Dib has a chapter titled “Orchestrating and Stimulating Referrals.  Note it is not titled “Sit and Wait for Referrals”.  Getting more referrals from your existing customers requires you to have a strategy, and to take action.  It requires effort on your part.

 Tip 2 – Know who you are going to ask for a referral

 Take a look at your client base.  Divide them into A, B, C and D category clients:

  • Category A clients – your perfect clients, they spend enough with you, don’t haggle for cheaper prices, pay on time, and are a pleasure to deal with.  They may already have referred people to you.
  •  Category B Clients – Not quite as perfect as your A clients, but still pay on time, don’t give headaches
  •  Category C Clients – More of a schlep to deal with, query your invoices, pay late
  •  Category D Clients – The clients you wish you didn’t have.  They consume your time and energy.

 People naturally refer people similar to themselves.  You do NOT want to ask your Category C or D clients for referrals, else you will get more of the same. 

Tip 3 – Provide Exceptional Service

Has anyone ever gone out of their way to tell you a story along the lines of “I hired a plumber the other day and he did an OK job?” 


 The stories we tell of service we receive are either because our experience was very negative or very positive.   If you are serious about building a referral based business, you need to leave your customers DELIGHTED, not satisfied.  You need to create those WOW moments that leave your customer wanting to spread the word.


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